Member Benefits Program - PSA Vic


Along with the core member benefits PSA Vic also offers a range of partner services which can help to offset the cost of membership.

These benefits are available to all PSA Vic members, including student members. The benefits are also available to member's employees. The benefits include a range of lifestyle, travel, telco, finance and other products and services designed to provide you with more flexibility and to save you valuable money and time. There is also a range of benefits which you may find of value for your business.

In the top menu are benefit categories. Click on the category that interests you. This will then take you to a listing of benefits within that category. You will also notice "Contact Benefits Team". This provides you with a toll free telephone number and email address for the PSA Vic Member Benefits Team.

Your PSA Member Benefits Team looks forward to talking to you about your benefits and to helping you get the most out of your Member Benefits Program. We do encourage you to provide the team with your feedback on benefits and suggestions for new benefits.

PSA Enabling your future.