SMA Member Benefits Program

Sports Medicine Australia is the sum of its members. SMA members are the reason Australia is regarded by the rest of the world as the leader in sports medicine. SMA members come from all walks of life – from pre-eminent academics and practitioners to sports trainer members who help make sure that everyone playing sport is playing safely. SMA members are literally the ‘team behind the teams.’

Welcome to your Member Benefits Program a comprehensive program of benefits for the team behind the teams and a "thank you" for your continued support and loyalty.

We have packaged a range of benefits for you, your family and your business. For our practice owning/managing members, the individual benefits are also available to your employees. In the main the benefits are products and services made available to you on terms and conditions more favourable than through the providers' normal channels.

Navigating this site

In the left hand side menu you will see numereous benefit categories, select the category that is of interest to you and then click on the subheading link for the relevant benefits. You will then be taken to a page that provides details on that benefit.

In some instances you will be invited to download more information or application forms. Most of these are in PDF format.

You will also note a heading "Member Benefits Team". This will take you to contact details including our toll free telephone number and email address. It also includes a contact us form, you can use this to ask us for more information on various benefits as well as providing us with your suggestions for new benefits that you feel would be of value to you and your fellow members.

We do encourage you to provide us with your feedback on benefits and suggestions for new benefits.

"What's New" is updated on an ongoing basis with news on new benefits or extra specials on existing benefits so please keep coming back to see What's New.

Your SMA Member Benefits Team looks forward to talking to you about your benefits and to helping you get the most out of your Member Benefits Program.