Australia’s leading Member Benefits Program & our most popular Member Benefits Program

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Your members will have privileged access to Corporate type discounts:

• From our extensive network of over 400 partner providers.

• Available through thousands of establishments and outlets across Australia.


Reducing Cost of living expenses:

• Our Corporate Discounts are designed to help your members and their families reduce household expenses.

• Our Member Benefits program is designed to help you with member retention and acquisition strategies.


Your Member Benefits website will be:

• Branded to your specifications (logo, colour scheme etc).

• Available via PC, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone.

• Password protected.

• Housed within a domain name that you specify.


Members will access their benefits by:

• Quoting a unique code.

• Clicking a link to providers web page with embedded discount.

• Purchasing through the integrated Online Shop.

• Communication with their member Benefits Team (1300#, Email &Contact Form).